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Google Analytics provides you with a variety of insights related to your digital marketing initiatives. Through this document, you will get to know the different insights and reports that are available for you, and which you can use to improve efficiency of your marketing programs.
Google Analytics in combination with Google Search Console provides you powerful reports and insights to help you make course corrections in your marketing plans
  • Learn how to track your integrated campaign analytics
  • Get into detailed demographics of visitors to your website
  • Plan and adapt your strategy on customer acquisition and retention
  • Track performance of your adwords campaigns
  • Track performance of your landing pages

Gargi Sharma

Principal Designer at Changing Sky

” The Xenia team has been providing us great insights and reports on Analytics. With integrated dashboards, it is now much easier to gauge effectiveness of our markteitng programs.” 

About Xenia Consulting

Xenia Consulting is a professional digital marketing agency in Pune that leverages inbound marketing to deliver business leads for you. We do this by generating meaningful and relevant content and then driving it effectively to influence your prospects, using a mix of social and digital channels

We don’t work with a lot of customers, but whoever we work with, we ensure that we can give them all our attention and drive success for them. We love our work (and often end up talking about it). We firmly believe in measurable marketing. We do not want you to believe our sweet talk, our numbers always do the talking.