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Uncover hidden opportunities, know best marketing practices,
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Analyse the Effectiveness of Your Marketing with Xenia’s B2B Marketing Health Check

Our Digital Marketing Health Check is your first step towards creating a marketing strategy and implementing a system that creates a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization. The insights you derive from this engagement will go a long way to uncover new opportunities and insights from industry experts.

How we help

How we help?

We will start by conducting an honest assessment of your marketing efforts from different aspects like current strategy, infrastructure, activities, performance, and systems. We have sessions with your team to understand current areas of strengths and find opportunities for growth.

As an outcome of the health check, we’ll provide you with valuable insights and trusted marketing know-how to identify what’s working, what requires improvements and provide you with ideas to swiftly take your business to the next level of growth

B2B Marketing Health Check can help you find answers to the following questions

  • We aren’t getting the results from our marketing activity
  • Our competitors are winning contracts even when we have a better solution
  • We want to enter new markets or geographic regions and need a sound strategy
  • We don’t feel that we are getting a good return on our marketing investment
  • Do we need to reposition the business to attract a different profile of customer
  • Our competitors seem to do better marketing than us
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What are the Benefits of a B2B Digital Marketing Health Check?

Digital Marketing health check will help you get actionable insights that help you build a sustainable marketing plan for achieving your business objectives. Our insights will help you cover all bases and create a strong foundation that will ensure the creation of a consistent marketing system that is noticed by your target audience.

We do Digital health checks for all businesses that we partner with for their marketing activities. This enables us to understand the current state of marketing, In our engagements, we also do competition research which along with health checks enables us to find industry best practices, define the right target audience and create a strategy that works for a particular industry.

We will be happy to help you implement the plan quickly and we will guide you along with the implementation. Check out our Outsourced marketing services or Empowering Marketing.

What are the Benefits of a Digital Marketing
  • Initial Call We will have a meeting to understand your business, your markets, your past and current marketing activities and your future goals
  • We will work with your team to do a detailed audit. We will want to see examples of your current marketing materials and resources (literature, website, sales letters, newsletters, etc.), understand your current marketing activities, processes, and review mechanisms.
  • We then conduct more research ourselves and return with a comprehensive written report of our findings that will include new marketing ideas or recommendations for your marketing campaign improvements.

The Comprehensive report would include the answers to following

  • Is your DM integrated with your business strategy?
  • Do you currently have a Defined DM Strategy?
  • Are your collaterals effective?
  • Which areas of Digital marketing are working for you?
  • What areas of Marketing would you like to improve?

Key benefits of this B2B marketing health check

  • Greater visibility in your markets
  • Higher sales to key target customers and greater profitability
  • Improved return on your marketing investment
  • More efficient use of your marketing resources

Want to know what’s missing in your marketing strategy?

The marketing health check will be your first step to a sound marketing strategy.

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