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5 Ways in Which Competitor Research Helps You in Your Messaging

Our competitors are not always our enemies. More importantly, rival relationships need not always be negative. You have to know how to leverage your competitors in the best possible manner for your own advantage. How could your competitors encourage growth for your company? This is where the idea of competitor research fits in. Competitors come in all shapes and sizes.…

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7 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for IT/Software Companies

With the evolution of internet, the digital marketing domain is acquiring more and more importance. Over 80% of people use the internet to find products and services before they make an actual purchase. This just goes on to reiterate how significant your company’s online presence is. According to a 2017 Fronetics survey, 62% of B2B buyers relied on the internet…

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Top 20 Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an incredible tool that companies have today that allows them to speak millions at the same time. A few decades ago, this was an unheard of thing because marketing efforts, especially for small businesses, were limited to newspaper, radio or television spots and that too only if you could afford them. Now, companies have their own websites…

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips to Expand Brand Presence and Reach

In today’s day and age, where Digital Marketing is growing at an enormous rate, the importance of brand is seminal for companies who want to be successful. The objective of branding is to make a company stand out, establish its unique position in the market and connect with existing (and potential) customers in a compelling way. In an industry that…

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Build a Brand step by step and it is all about Marketing Consistency

Most companies want to build a brand for the organization, for their products or services, for obvious reasons. Once you have a brand that stands for its qualities, then it is much easier to communicate with customers about new products, services or features that you want to launch under the brand. A brand also commands better value from customers. Let…

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20 Effective Audience Segments in Digital Marketing

Producer/Manufacturer/Service Provider-Product/Service- Consumer/Customer/User, that’s how the cycle works. And somewhere in between production and distribution comes marketing, a pivotal unit of modern market/business functioning. Digital marketing like traditional marketing requires a product/service that is to be marketed and a target audience to whom the product is sold. Wikipedia defines target audience as, “the intended audience or readership of a publication, advertisement, or…

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A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer

My career has always been a mystery for my family, my parents. Internet is very fascinating and they find it remarkable that the phone now has answers to all different queries. What they find intriguing however, is that my job involves tapping on the keyboard and staring at the laptop screen for hours, and talking on the phone for hours…

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Need a Website and Digital Marketing

The virtual digital world is a huge marketplace with hundreds of thousands of potential customers who are looking for your product or services. With the world becoming predominantly virtual, people today prefer to communicate with a businesses and inquire/purchase/interact with them through their website. Digital marketing transcends traditional mediums by creating multitudes of opportunities at a lesser expense in comparison…

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Why Your Startup Needs Digital Marketing

The initial work and functioning of a startup feels like walking on eggshells. One wrong move can lead to irreversible damage and some right moves can give you an early customer base. During such a critical phase of your business, avoiding digital marketing is similar to losing on a number of opportunities and customers. But, many businesses think that digital…

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