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How Digital Marketing Services in Pune Have Taken an Upward Turn

In the past few years, the internet has changed the way we see, perceive, and plan marketing strategies. The digital marketing domain is constantly on the rise and it is not expected to die anytime soon. In fact, in the coming years, new advancement will elevate the digital world. But, before we see the scope and growth of digital marketing,…

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The Effect of Digital Marketing on User Behavior

Before internet took over the market, the term marketing and advertising had a whole different meaning. Marketing your products and services only meant reaching out to customers through newspaper ads, billboards, or television. While sipping their morning tea, people would discuss few products and some would even contact the seller. The final selling was a bit different from what we…

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Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Real Estate Business

Across various business domains, digital marketing is now gaining popularity. Be it checking about a particular builder or ensuring if they are buying the right property. Users would check the review of any service or product before buying it on the internet. This makes it necessary to spend time and energy on real estate digital marketing strategies in India. In this…

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How Can Digital Marketing Improve Your ROI?

What are the results that you are anticipating, does it make any difference? What profits would it bring? How can digital marketing improve ROI and so on. The most common questions that arise at the start of anything new or different. Doesn’t come as a surprise that adoption of digital marketing too is often hindered by those doubts, and more…

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Ten Key Benefits of Partnering with a Digital Marketing Company in Pune

There was a time when pamphlets were stuck into the folds of daily newspapers, posters were put up at nooks and corners and it was possible to use word of mouth to make any business venture successful. But things have changed now, not only have the newspapers in their traditional state been replaced with e-Papers, the discussions that used to…

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Me and my freedom- What does it mean in a digital marketing firm in Pune

As India celebrates its 72nd Independence Day, we at Xenia spent time talking to some of our marketing superstars, about what freedom means to them, especially in the professional context. Xenia is a professional digital marketing  firm in Pune and we have been able to earn our freedom from several of our clients, thanks to our professional service delivery in…

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