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Why you cannot sell without a sales process

Several organizations go on a sales overdrive, almost immediately. Many don’t even have their offerings in place, yet feel that this will evolve over time. They invest in an expensive sales force that keeps promising them great business, yet almost always fails to deliver. What seems to be the problem and how do you fix it. Sales guys are born…

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5. Measure, Analyze, Track and take decisions

We are in the age of measurable marketing. You can use various mechanisms to propagate your content like email marketing, Online PR & Article submission, blog propagation, systematic back-link building strategy, PPC campaigns. For each, there will be various mechanisms available to analyze and track operations. It is important to Analyze performance of your marketing channels, so that you know…

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Potent ammo for your demand gen campaigns

Several times, I compare the sales process with an army on a battlefront. The soldiers feel comfortable as long as they have sufficient weaponry and artillery with them. The minute the supplies begin to dry up, the confidence of teams goes down. Aren’t sales very similar?  The sales guy feels very confident, as long as he has tons of information…

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5 tips to boost sales for your SaaS based products

SaaS based product platforms definitely make it easier for people/companies to buy as well as use your product without worrying about updates, maintenance and all the other baggage that comes with traditional software products. How do you boost sales for your SaaS based products , Here are some tips 1) Increase reach Register in industry directories, strive to create back-links at…

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5 ‘To-do’ items that can kick start your business development efforts

The objective of all companies is profitable growth. Most of the companies have about 20-40% of their business coming in from absolutely new customers every year. They always face this challenge - "How do you keep winning new customers all the time?" Wouldn't you want to be winning new customers Well, let's face it, Isn't winning new customers the main objective…

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Time is ticking for your innovation (Software products)

Start-up companies with great thinkers come up with very good ideas for software products. These are usually based on sound principles, customer feedback, beta programs and so on and have all the ingredients of a successful product. What is missing most of the times is a clear sense of timeline for finalizing product development, testing and the full fledged launch…

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A 7-point check-list to make a great sales call

You always want to make that great sales call. Wouldn't it be better to have a check-list to make a great sales call. What all do you need to gather before you can ensure that you can get to that objective almost every single time. Here's a quick check-list to make a great sales call Prepare for the call Do…

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A simple ‘3 step’ primer before your sales calls

I am sure all of us are involved in making sales calls several times your careers (whoever said that sales calls are made only by sales people). Here are some tips to make your sales calls more relevant and increase its chances of success 1) Have a strong reference to get into the call Using names of people that the…

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Some secrets to marketing success that no one will teach you

Several people ask me, "What are the secrets to marketing success" that we are missing out on. I pondered over this question a bit and it took me some time to pin-point specific areas for success, as every business has different requirements. The answer varied from business to business.  Interestingly there was one point which came out very strong and…

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