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Manual vs. Automated Bidding Strategies in Google Ads

It is extremely important to choose the right Google Ads bidding strategies in order to adjust your bids. This will go a long way in helping drive your ad costs down and optimize your ad spends. If you do the opposite of this, there’s a high chance that you will end up paying more than your fair share. Fortunately, there…

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How to develop an effective PPC strategy

A successful PPC (pay-per-click) requires a solid strategy. There is so much to be explored in the Google Ads space but for that, you will have to know the correct way to leverage PPC tools. A winning PPC strategy involves proper planning, launching, measuring, and evaluating campaigns. Here are the steps that can be taken to develop a strong PPC…

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How PPC and SEO Work Together

While most of us think that search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) are two different segments (which they of course are), have you realised that the two can work wonders if clubbed together in terms of maximizing traffic and bringing conversion opportunities. SEO (as you may know already) is the process through which a website is optimised to rank…

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How to Optimize Remarketing Campaigns (Google Ads) Campaigns

Remarketing is a great way to continue advertising to people who have already visited our websites, but there are many things that could be done beyond just showing them ads over and over. With following optimizations, you can get remarkable results. This post will get you through some guidelines on AdWords (Google Ads) remarketing best practices for optimization, but don’t forget…

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Using Remarketing with Google Adwords

Remarketing is a term used in Google AdWords, where you target a set of static images, animated images, video, responsive ads, and text ads by placing them on the Google Display and Google Search Network. The difference is in terms of the targeting.  If you are wondering how  you can start using Remarketing with Google Adwords, then you have come…

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Google Search or Display ads – what is better for lead generation

As a digital marketing agency, we quite regularly consult our clients on the channels that will help them achieve their marketing objectives. The question pops up - Google search or display ads- what is better  This really depends on their products and services and the markets that they are trying to reach out currently. We often launch into Google Adwords…

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