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The Increasing Role of Animated Videos in your Sales Process

Ever wondered what magic you can achieve by having animated videos in your sales process ? Animated online videos are an ultimate game changer and can play a significant part in engaging with your potential customers, talking about your products and services in a super simplified illustrative way.  Animated videos in your sales process is a game changer Online video…

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Does cold calling work for lead generation?

When we get to management school, we often hear the common adage "Work smarter, not harder" It is frustrating to see so many sales organizations trying to slog their sales engines out using old-age methods and tactics. Come on guys, the world has changed, isn't it time you changed your sales approach too? Let's ask a simple question, Does cold…

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Why Goal Setting is Important, especially in Sales

In India, we follow a April to March financial year and invariably, most companies go through a budgeting exercise during Jan-March time frame, where they define the goals that they are going to chase for the next financial year. The Revenue goals also in turn define the cost budgets that will be needed to support them. In this post we…

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5 things to do to ensure that your marketing content helps your sales process

Marketing content takes many forms and is used to represent a business or its products/services. In the simplest sense website content communicates about a business, so does a brochure, data sheet, case study. Today there are many advanced content strategies like usage of white papers, blogs, and webinars being actively used to engage with the target audience and generate more…

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