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Top 15 Reasons Why Your Website is Losing Traffic

Ever observed a 5-year-old choose books? The other day I watched my nephew pick the biggest book from the rack, and when I asked why? The reason was, “coz it has shiny cover.” And luckily enough it had lots of pictures, another must have when it comes to books. Something similar works when users look at websites. First they fall…

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7 things to consider while building a lead generation friendly website

Your website is the most important tool you have for turning anonymous prospects to leads and then to customers. It makes sense to have a lead generation friendly website. Having compelling content, visually appealing design and easy navigation is vital for your website. Also, there are plenty of ways to increase the number of people visiting your site, but unless…

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Using Google Analytics to navigate your Marketing Programs

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful web analytics tool available today. As a marketer, are you using Google Analytics to navigate your marketing programs ? A lot of marketers around the world are! Google Analytics provides statistics and basic analytics for search engine optimization for marketing purposes. The service is available to anyone with a Google Account for…

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10 Awesome Ways you can Drive Traffic to your Website

Launching a website is comparable to opening a store in the real world. Awesome job, you now have a website online that has all the details about your business, about your products and services, about how you help solve problems for your customer and so on. This is one part of the job done. The more important part is to…

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8 Things to Consider While You Build a Website to Generate Leads

Your website can be a powerful tool to generate leads. If so, How to Build a Lead Generation Website? Want to know How to Generate Leads from your Website? Even before you start a business, people think about putting up a website nowadays. Putting things in perspective, a website is a combination of web pages that is hosted on a…

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Key ingredients of a good website

It is an all too common comment. Friends, business associates calling/writing to you and telling you that you have a good website, but, what are key ingredients of a good website ? The definitions are varied and differ by individuals that you ask this question to. Some would say that well designed is well built, some will say that content is king, for some,…

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