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Content Research

How do you identify the right trending content for your content marketing programs.With our end to end services in content research, we feed you with ideas that will significantly improve ROI on your content marketing programs

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A great content strategy is based on research & planning. Xenia uses a proven approach to identify trending content themes that will appeal to your target audience and help you in prospect engagement and lead generation. We generate detailed reports for you to consume and base your content marketing decisions on.

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Relevant content ideas to drive your content marketing strategy

Up to date research for faster decision making

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With help from Xenia, we were able to package our story under the wraps of trending and relevant content, helping us reach our target audience better through campaigns as well other connect initiatives.

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Content marketing research is an important part of any content marketing program. As you decide the content types, forms and topics, it is important to understand the trending topics, the high volume keywords that you should be considering so that you can generate effective content. As you do content research, some of the things that you should definitely research include i)related & relevant media & trade publications for topics that are being written about, ii) Track events which are relevant to you and see what are the speakers talking about and what are the sessions about at the event. Typically event topics will cover what people want to hear. iii) Look at editorial calendars of trade publications and see what topics are being written about iv) and yes definitely look at some of your competition. What are they writing about, what white papers are they publishing and so on. When you have research from all these streams, taking a decision on what content to write about will become that much more simpler.  To do some of this, you can also use some content research tools, including google alerts.

Depending on which domain you are in and what products & services you offer, the websites and communities will be different. You will need to find the happening websites, that are relevant for you. Several of these websites can provide you your own blog content strategy and several website content ideas. As you optimize your content, these ideas can help a lot in ensuring that you are on the right path.  Content creation is a tough job and any ideas on what topics to write about, what to cover in your post will always be extremely helpful.

Through content research, it is possible for you to get to the trending topics that are relevant today. The other thing that is also very useful is to find out what are the high volume search keywords and keyword phrases, which you need to include in your content piece, so that you can feature in some of these searches. You can use tools like SEMRush or Moz to do part of this research. They will be able to tell you the search volumes for different keywords,  based on the geography that you are targeting. They will also provide you related keywords and keyword phrases that you can target from a Long Tail SEO standpoint.

As we said, content marketing research or content research is an important part of the content strategy. Before you start generating content, it is important to understand what your target market wants to consume or what answers they are currently seeking. If you can provide these answers to them through your content or be resourceful to them, then you will be able to drive traffic to your blog/content. If we were to talk about 3 steps to better content marketing – then they would be i) Identify the right content topics that are trending ii) Be resourceful, provide value to your target market through the content that you develop and iii) use the right high volume keywords and keyword phrases, so that you will feature in the right search results.