How can writing articles help in your business development initiatives?

Most organizations do not spend enough time, making their presence felt through media, for various reasons. The most common one being, it is too expensive to engage with a PR/media agency. How can writing articles help in your business development initiatives?

However engaging with media, which has the right reach to your target market has significant advantages.

Thought Leadership

Presence in media through articles, PR slowly and steadily establishes you as a thought leader in your space/domain. Also most articles bring in an independent perspective and are usually not biased towards a particular vendor. This means that you are indirectly helping the buyer solve his problems, instead of overly promoting your products or services

Trusted Expert

Consistent presence on specific topics also, by default, establishes you as a trusted expert in the field. For example, if you continuously are featured as a person who is commenting on ‘what to do’ to address a specific challenge, then you begin to be recognized as a trusted expert.

Business Relationship

If the client has a need in the specific area, for which you are being identified as a trusted expert, then he is more likely to engage in a business relationship with you, than with any other person.

Moreover, unlike most other forms of communication, article presence or PR presence has a significant reach, as long as you work with the right media vehicles. The level of awareness and affinity that it can build can help you significantly in your business development initiatives. I hope we were able to address the question and topic, How can writing articles help in your business development initiatives?

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