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Xenia Consulting provides lead generation services in Pune and helps you create a solid lead generation strategy. We help you build trust and capture the interest of your potential buyer before they are even ready to contact sales and we drive remarkable results.

Lead generation is a marketing process of capturing interest and attention in a product, services and your unique offerings to generate more sales. Nowadays, enough information is available online where a potential buyer with specific intent can get engaged and later convert into a lead.

Why lead generation through digital media is necessary?

Changed buying process of Customer – Buyers expected that they would have to talk to sales and sales expected that they will need to speak to buyers who are completely unaware about the products and services. This traditional way of buying has changed, now buyer does his own research online and finds variety of other options and information through social media, search engine and other online channels.  So it is necessary for every business to build their online presence as much as possible to gain that trust factor from the potential buyer.

Factors that every lead generation services provider should know -

Website – your web site is where all the magic happens. More than 90% of lead generation should ideally happen on your website. Hence you should make your website more engaging and lead generation friendly and it should be enriched with attention grabbing contact forms, Calls-to-Action (CTA), layout, design, and content.

Blog – Your blog is the best place where you can bring that trust factor from your potential buyer. Readers can engage with your blog and it will also help your website to get search-engine optimized.

Social Media – Social media always goes well for branding and generating buzz. Buyer gets engaged through social media and later on comes to your website and ultimately converts into a lead by filling the contact form. By tapping the right social media channels you can capture their trust more effectively.

Email marketing – Email is one of your main forms of communication. It has been observed through experience by successful lead generation agency in Pune that the most used lead generation tactic is email marketing. 80% of respondents cite it as the most effective channel. By putting your content in front of right prospects, you can find people who are already looking for products and services you are currently providing.

Google search ads – Google ads that run on Pay-per-Click (PPC) model is also a great way of lead generation in short time. With Google ads you pay for each click on your ad which is displayed on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Many lead generation services providers in Pune uses PPC model for generating quality leads in no time.

PPC ads are one of the best way to grab attention to your latest content or service offerings and they have the ability to generate very high quality leads.

Here is what our lead generation services will help you do.

Here is what our Lead Generation services will help you do
Increase leads
Marketing And Increase Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

The cultivation of interest in your business and in turn building a list of potential customers or ‘leads’ is referred to as Lead Generation. It has become a vital practice as it is essential for every business to have a steady stream of leads; it helps businesses to grow and flourish. Lead Generation services basically mean building consumer interest or enquiry into the services or products of a business. To create a successful marketing plan during this digital age, several parameters or elements need to be considered, and lead generation is one of them.

It is a business tactic practiced to increase the client base of your company. SEO and lead generation are not the same thing rather two very distinctive subjects. However, SEO complements lead generation because SEO generates more awareness for your brand by driving more amount of organic traffic to your website. Our SEO agency helps businesses to grow and understand the digital space and how to acquire lead generation

In a sales process, the very first step includes lead generation along with prospecting, proposals, closing, needs analysis and lead qualification. The types of lead generation services are varied and they are actually different techniques which are followed to boost the customer base of the company and also in identifying the potential customers. These are a few types:-

  • Digital advertising is a technique in which content-based advertisements and behavioral advertisements are made use of to attract traffic to your website. In this way, the customers get an insight into your product and website and it also asks for contact information from the customers thus, in the end, pitching your product to them.


  • Inbound marketing is another good type of lead generation where you create content such as brand storytelling and interact with the customers online through social media.


  • Event sponsoring is another type of lead generation services where events such as training or product demonstration are sponsored to connect with the customers. Webinars can also be conducted very frequently because they are a good source of generating leads.

Once you are a hundred percent confirmed and sure of what exactly your needs are, it is the right time to choose a Lead Generation Company. When it comes to hiring a Lead Generation Services Provider, there are plenty of options out there; but to make sure that the choice you are making is correct, it is significant that you ask a few important questions to the provider. The questions that you should ask are – what is their experience, what is the process that they undergo, what are the modern technologies that they use and what quantifiable results they can guarantee.

It is important to make sure that the service provider you choose has the best interests of the company in mind and will be able to get you to hold on international markets and will help you get the quality leads. Our SEO agency in Pune will provide you with great customer satisfaction and fulfil your demands and needs just the way you would want it.

The first metric you should track is bounce rate. If you have a bounce rate, you will start running into problems with your email marketing tools as most SMTP providers will not tolerate a high bounce rate. Bounces can be hard bounces as well as soft bounces. Hard bounce typically means that the email address does not exist at the server at all. A soft bounce could mean that the email ID is temporarily not available. It may be down or the mailbox may be full. The other metrics, which are important to track include open rate, click rate and response rate. If you are getting a >10% open rate, then you are within the average open rates for campaigns. As said earlier, with opt-in lists, your open rates can be significantly higher.

Businesses in today’s day and age are constantly on the run and are trying to keep up with the latest digital marketing strategies and develop accordingly. The importance of lead generation in digital marketing is immense. To ensure the growth of any business, customers are required; and the company has to market themselves to attract potential customers and advertise their services and what they have in offer. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways using which the information gained can be passed onto the sales team and they can further utilize it and find out ways in which a customer can be enticed. The customer’s email id can be added to the database, and in case of further follow up you can send an email to the customer.

The main focus of Xenia Consulting is that we are constantly monitoring our activities to ensure the fact that our customers can derive the best results from our services. The speciality of Xenia’s Lead Generation services is that our job is to create a solid base and foundation and build our infrastructure in such a way so that we can deliver the leads of our clients and they get noticeable results within a short span of time.

Our marketing department takes care of coming up with the right strategies for content creation, and also take care of keyword research for the social media and blogs and site pages. Our agency also provides services such as the promotion of blogs. Plus, we also assist companies in setting up their websites or auditing them, and also continuously develop content and blog posts for their website as it helps increase the traffic on their website. Blog promotion is done through social media or by adding the URL of the blog to employee email signatures.

Business to business lead generation is the simplest form of business, where a business is selling its product/service to another business. It runs parallel with a business-to-customer lead generation where the services and products are directly sold to the consumer. In any marketing and sales infrastructure, B2B lead generation is the steppingstone. It involves gathering information from a potential customer such as his/her name, company name, email address and job title and that is used to for personalized communication purposes and to increase sales. The final goal of b2b lead generation services is to create a consistent line-up of prospects that can turn into customers.

The best ways of b2b lead generation are mentioned as follows:

  • Trying to create content according to the need of the client and prioritizing that would generate quality B2B leads.
  • By increasing the number of live interactions and conversations with your B2B leads, you also speed up the process of purchase.
  • Creating a list of high-quality B2B leads is a much better way than buying them.
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