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Xenia Consulting provides lead generation services in Pune and helps you create a solid lead generation strategy. We help you build trust and capture the interest of your potential buyer before they are even ready to contact sales and we drive remarkable results.

Lead generation is a marketing process of capturing interest and attention in a product, services and your unique offerings to generate more sales. Nowadays, enough information is available online where a potential buyer with specific intent can get engaged and later convert into a lead.

Why lead generation through digital media is necessary?

Changed buying process of Customer – Buyers expected that they would have to talk to sales and sales expected that they will need to speak to buyers who are completely unaware about the products and services. This traditional way of buying has changed, now buyer does his own research online and finds variety of other options and information through social media, search engine and other online channels.  So it is necessary for every business to build their online presence as much as possible to gain that trust factor from the potential buyer.

Factors that every lead generation services provider should know -

Website – your web site is where all the magic happens. More than 90% of lead generation should ideally happen on your website. Hence you should make your website more engaging and lead generation friendly and it should be enriched with attention grabbing contact forms, Calls-to-Action (CTA), layout, design, and content.

Blog – Your blog is the best place where you can bring that trust factor from your potential buyer. Readers can engage with your blog and it will also help your website to get search-engine optimized.

Social Media – Social media always goes well for branding and generating buzz. Buyer gets engaged through social media and later on comes to your website and ultimately converts into a lead by filling the contact form. By tapping the right social media channels you can capture their trust more effectively.

Email marketing – Email is one of your main forms of communication. It has been observed through experience by successful lead generation agency in Pune that the most used lead generation tactic is email marketing. 80% of respondents cite it as the most effective channel. By putting your content in front of right prospects, you can find people who are already looking for products and services you are currently providing.

Google search ads – Google ads that run on Pay-per-Click (PPC) model is also a great way of lead generation in short time. With Google ads you pay for each click on your ad which is displayed on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Many lead generation services providers in Pune uses PPC model for generating quality leads in no time.

PPC ads are one of the best way to grab attention to your latest content or service offerings and they have the ability to generate very high quality leads.

Here is what our lead generation services will help you do.

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