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List Building Capabilities

As you plan reach-out campaigns, one of the most important elements is the availability of segmented and relevant prospect lists. We help you build these lists, either validating your archive/event lists or building it from scratch based on target market parameters

What we do

At Xenia, we do list building and help to build, clean, append and segment contact lists as per the requirements of the client. We use a variety of proven approaches and tools to make sure that the lists that you use in your reach-out initiatives are clean and validated. With Xenia’s Prospect List Management services you can be assured of prospects lists that are most relevant for your business.

Here is what our list building services will help you do.

Clean segmented lists ready for reach-outs

Improved delivery and response rate across campaigns

Segmented data helps better targeting

Customer Speak

Across our events presence, we had built a large list of companies that we wanted to target. Through Xenia, we were able to append/populate these company lists with the right contact information and use them in our on-going campaigns to generate leads.

Head of Marketing at a leading US-based product OEM



Case Study

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As a business, it is always good to frequently interact with your potential customers. They may not be ready to do business with you right now or may not have the need for your products or services right now. But if you can be in front of them frequent enough, then it is quite likely that when they actually do have a need, you will be the person they will reach out to. Email marketing offers great options to keep these contacts warm. For email marketing to be successful, it is important that you have a clear email list building program in place. You need to build targeted mailing lists in your target market. Some companies prefer to buy these lists from database vendors. In such a case, if you are emailing to such a list, this amounts to spamming as they have not opted to receive messages from you. You can build email lists from your website, your blog by offering something valuable to them, in return. You could ask them to download a useful document, that they need for their business and in exchange of that ask for that email address. You could be running a regular newsletter feature, where you are covering industry happenings and these are valuable to your target market. You could ask them to subscribe to this newsletter and get them to share their email address.  There are several other ways you can share valuable information in exchange for your prospect’s email addresses.

Email list building involves prospects to share their email addresses in exchange of something valuable. Putting a subscription form on your website, which links to a list within an electronic direct mailing tool is a good option. Apart from this, you could integrate a chat bot on your website and you can configure that to provide some information to the client. At some time, you start collecting the name and email of the person who is visiting. You can have pop-up forms at your website, which can be used to capture registrations and be used to increase the size of your email lists. If you have created some downloadable assets in the forms of white papers or e-books or infographics, then you could trade this on a landing page once the user fills in some information. This information can be populated in your email lists. Apart from this, there are several other techniques used by people to increase their email subscriptions.

The success of your email marketing campaigns depends a lot on the quality of your email list building program. If you have a quality mailing list, then the bounce rate on the campaign is very minimal. Also since most people would have opted in to your email address list, they are not in for a shock, when they hear from you. In face they would ideally love to hear from you. By interacting frequently with your target market and providing them useful resources, it is possible to gradually move these subscribers to a leads pipeline, which will help you in growing your business.

Always provide great value in return, when you are building email marketing lists. Never take your audience for granted. Luring people into the list with a fancy name and then not providing good value to them can be very dangerous. Be consistent with what you are offering. If are luring them to a landing page with a promise, make sure that you are delivering that promise with the document that you are providing to them. You can also build in marketing automation in your email list building program. So if a user registers and shares his email address, then a series of emails can be automatically triggered and can ensure a pleasant experience for the person, who is signing into the email lists.