Improving ROI from Social Media Engagement

Client: A Mortgage BPM Company


The client was struggling to measure the ROI of their social media presence. Though they are investing heavily they could not accurately determine the impact of their efforts on their sales pipeline and revenue.


  • We started with setting clear objectives for company’s social media activities, such as generating leads, nurturing prospects, and driving sales.
  • Implemented tracking code across social media with Google Analytics and marketing automation software. This tracked website traffic, lead generation, nurture, and closed deals.
  • Analyzing social media tracking data at regular intervals helped in determining company social media ROI. Based on data analysis, we adapted the postings, content, frequency to improve lead generation and nurturing


  • With the use of our social media analytics, we were able to show the customer exactly how their social media marketing efforts influenced their sales pipeline and income.
  • They were able to determine which social media platforms generated the most leads, nurtured the most prospects into customers, and ultimately resulted in the most deals being closed.
  • We achieved a 2X growth in terms of the number of leads generated and improved the velocity of leads flowing through the pipeline.

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