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Xenia Consulting provides SEO services in Pune and India. A lot of people are beginning to think about engaging with the right and relevant SEO Agency in Pune. If we look back a few years, a lot of businesses and industries were not considering internet marketing. they preferred the Offline marketing channels. For most customers worldwide, it is obvious now that digital marketing (Internet marketing) is the next step in marketing and they need to invest in it.

SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels.We offer Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. It is much more than just achieving a Ranking on top SERP page with Google, Yahoo or Bing. We apply only white hat SEO techniques. Genuine organic SEO takes time, determination and hard work.With search engines algorithms constantly updating, we provide a holistic, lifelong. approach to SEO to support ongoing Search engine results page growth and improvements.We help eCommerce brands, Small Business and challenger companies increase their visibility on Internet, get improved rankings on SERP, and increase their Website clicks & visitors. all of it to get more Genuine Leads, increase sales and put their brands on top of competitors.

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We specialize in technical SEO and strategic SEO (search engine optimization). We design solutions to drive traffic and generate leads from SEO sales to local business, e-Commerce and corporate websites. With unmatched research capabilities our team delivers business leads intelligence which goes beyond standard data sets.

Why choose us for SEO

  • We focus on delivering results
  • We Apply Best On Page And Off Page SEO Strategy
  • We focus on Organic Quality Leads
  • We are transparent

Our Approach

We are a creatively led, strategically driven, technology focused full service SEO agency that works with you as a true partner.

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Off- Page optimisation
  • Content Creation
  • Free Website Audits
  • Link Building
  • SEO Competitor Research

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization helps you in enhancing the quality and quantity of your website. When visitors try to reach out for information on a particular subject, and if your website is related to that particular niche, then your website should show up in the organic search engine results. Any search engine has a crawler that tries to gather all the information or content available on your website based on the question an individual has typed. After gathering all the suitable information, the crawler then creates an index and is then converted in the form of an algorithm and tries to match the data provided by the search query.
Optimization means to fine-tune the content of a website in a way that it is picked easily by the search engine crawlers. Once it is picked, the website is then listed on the search result. SEO impacts your business by providing benefits such as better user experience and build brand credibility and awareness. SEO services in Pune are being widely used by businesses for benefits such as high rate of conversion and to be ahead of the competition.

To begin with, website auditing services refers to the SEO audit that any website has to undergo in order to achieve their SEO goals, and also to determine the strategies that other brands and websites are using to better their performance. We not only help you by providing SEO auditing services to check how SEO friendly your website is but also to help sustain over the competition. Our SEO team will provide a technical audit of your website and advise you if there are any technical issues that are causing SEO problems.
Our SEO audits are very easy to comprehend and very well designed. A full audit review is also conducted by us once the full audit is complete. Being one of the top providers of SEO services in Pune, we provide detailed and accurate reports of your competitors in the market and what are their SEO strategies so that we can reverse engineer the same.

SEO is the main key in today’s day and age for making a business successful. It helps in increasing the visibility of your website and also improves its reach to a wider target audience online. It can help boost your sales by bringing in more traffic to your website and providing you with the opportunity to convert the leads into customers. The survival of any business depends on sales and in current times increasing your sales. It means that you have to have a strong digital presence. This is where our SEO services come into play.
We make use of modern and proven SEO strategies can help generate leads and boost revenue. The core purpose of our SEO strategies to increase sales, and we do it by carrying out thorough research on keywords and implementing them in the right way on your website. SEO does have the potential to help you generate qualified leads and attract viewers and at the same time be extremely cost-effective. Our SEO services in Pune can assist you in increasing your sales or leads and at the same time help you maintain a strong web presence.

If you are interested in boosting your website traffic and reach out to more customers, then Xenia is your one-stop destination. If you are planning on partnering with a SEO agency and that too within a reasonable budget, then we have the perfect solution for that. SEO services cost usually depends on the level of service being provided. If you have a small business which has a fifteen pages website then the cost will usually be on the lower side of the spectrum, but if you are an e-commerce store where you have a wide range of products on sale then your budget for SEO will be on the higher side.
You will also have to keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing strategy and it won’t be good if you avail it just for a few weeks. Hence it is better that you sign-up for a monthly plan with our SEO agency in Pune and this way you can get the best deals and prices and the cost will be afforded and reasonable.

Once we get your nod to start with our optimization process and also have all the required access permissions to a particular website, our SEO experts will start the process. To rank a website, it usually takes 4 to 6 months. In the beginning, our experts carry out a complete audit of your website. Once this initial step is cleared the actual work begins that is examining the significant parameters or variables such as niche or budget and depending on them it might take up to 6 months’ time for this job to get completed.
It may be a time-taking process, but you will surely get to reap the benefits in the long run as ranking a website helps in alleviating the quality of the website. Our SEO agency in Pune will help you guide through each and every step and milestone and we also ensure one hundred per cent transparency and professionalism. You might not be able to view all your given phrases on the first page of the search engine but our agency will continuously share the monthly reports so that you can track the performance of your keywords.

Well, a lot of pros and cons have to be weighed and the subject has to be looked at with an integrated approach. Mostly, people are more inclined towards Search Engine Optimization or SEO. If done well then it can deliver much more volume per lead at a better cost than paid search. However, in recent times it has been seen that a lot of companies that are starting from scratch are facing problems with SEO and Pay Per Click or PPC is helping them out by offering a faster track to search marketing.
However, it all depends entirely on the digital marketing strategy of that particular company and how well you can understand your prospective customers. It is essential to find out how the target customers are using the web and that will result in determining whether paid search or organic search or a combination of both is required. Our SEO agency in Pune makes sure you get impressive ROI on every penny you spend on our services.

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