Some secrets to marketing success that no one will teach you

Several people ask me, “What are the secrets to marketing success” that we are missing out on. I pondered over this question a bit and it took me some time to pin-point specific areas for success, as every business has different requirements. The answer varied from business to business. 

Interestingly there was one point which came out very strong and i felt that it was worth mentioning. You can devise some great marketing strategies and may have some great ideas to engage with your existing and potential customers, but what is critical to success is the execution of the plans and that too with unerring consistency. Marketing operations are never managed overnight. There are initiatives and activities that you take up CONSISTENTLY on a regular basis. 

Think about branding, lead generation, public relations, advertising, campaigns, key account management and you will realize that in all of them, consistency is more important than individual flashes of brilliance. 

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About Atul Dhakappa

Atul is Founder & CEO at Xenia Consulting. He has over 22 years of experience in marketing, across corporates as well as SME,start-ups. Over the last 5 years, he has gained significant expertise and has helped several companies drive growth leveraging digital marketing



    This is correct. I find marketing to be a continuous process that one is constantly thinking about.

  2. ansh

    Yeah..Marketing is definitely a continuous process helping seamlessly to integrate and innovate across various functions of product development, communication and value delivering to the customers which creates a win-win situation for the customer and product/service provider..All the drivers mentioned need to be in place for successful value delivery…

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