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Increase your ROI from event participation by over 300% !

Exhibitions, Conferences and events provide a great platform to showcase your products and services to newer audiences. They also give an opportunity to get introduced to new people and form new relationships. I am sure you must have formed a process to engage with ALL the visitors you meet at exhibitions and conferences, but are you able to reach out…

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A 10-point email marketing campaign checklist to ensure success

Way too often, marketers, under pressure from their seniors, CEOs launch into email marketing campaigns even when they do not have all elements of the email marketing campaign figured out. The result most often is sub optimal results. It is always helpful to start with a written plan, that communicates the various pieces of the campaign and clearly sets expectations.…

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6 Steps to Planning the Perfect Email Campaign

People will tell you that email campaigns will give you a 10-15% open rate and a 2-5% click rate. This is considered to be good by most standards. While this looks closer to the industry standard, did you ever realise that 85-90% of people that you are trying to reach are not even opening your email? That is pretty bad,…

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Why do you need to control your sales urge in winning new business?

Buyers make purchase decision because they have a need that needs to be fulfilled and based on conversations with you (the salesperson) and the company (the brand that is the company that is omnipresent across its website, social infrastructure and conversation with some of the existing customer experiences). Maybe this will get a bit clearer with a few examples. Sales…

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5 simple ways to use content marketing in your demand gen programs

Content marketing is about writing quality engaging content to promote your products/ services to key influencers and decision makers. Marketing your services via the content you create gives you the opportunity to help prospects rather than overtly sell to them Step 1 – Generate Content Content can be generated in multiple forms. Based on the objective it is expected to…

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What are 5 most important white paper ‘must-haves’

As I mentioned in my earlier post, white papers are increasingly being accepted as an effective marketing tool in the B2B world.  So what are most important white paper 'must-haves' and what should it help you achieve as a marketer. Here are some of my thoughts. Ideally, a white paper should: State a problem or issue, Discuss its relevance in the…

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