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How Inbound Marketing is steadily replacing Cold Calling

In our earlier post,  Cold Calling to generate leads vs. Inbound Marketing, we talked about why cold calling has been on the decline and why it is not good from your branding perspective. Cold calling has not been completely discarded, but it has steadily become less effective due to the evolution of technology and consumer behavior throughout our society. Inbound Marketing…

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Cold Calling to generate leads versus Inbound Marketing

If you have seen ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ you will very well remember the scene where Jordan ‘hard sells’ for his fake firm’s pump and dump scam. The premise is that it worked and he made money with unscrupulous methods. This was an example of cold calling to generate leads at its finest. Cold calling to generate leads is…

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Does cold calling work for lead generation?

When we get to management school, we often hear the common adage "Work smarter, not harder" It is frustrating to see so many sales organizations trying to slog their sales engines out using old-age methods and tactics. Come on guys, the world has changed, isn't it time you changed your sales approach too? Let's ask a simple question, Does cold…

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A 7-point check-list to make a great sales call

You always want to make that great sales call. Wouldn't it be better to have a check-list to make a great sales call. What all do you need to gather before you can ensure that you can get to that objective almost every single time. Here's a quick check-list to make a great sales call Prepare for the call Do…

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