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A 10-point email marketing campaign checklist to ensure success

Way too often, marketers, under pressure from their seniors, CEOs launch into email marketing campaigns even when they do not have all elements of the email marketing campaign figured out. The result most often is sub optimal results. It is always helpful to start with a written plan, that communicates the various pieces of the campaign and clearly sets expectations.…

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6 Steps to Planning the Perfect Email Campaign

People will tell you that email campaigns will give you a 10-15% open rate and a 2-5% click rate. This is considered to be good by most standards. While this looks closer to the industry standard, did you ever realise that 85-90% of people that you are trying to reach are not even opening your email? That is pretty bad,…

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A 7 point Email Marketing Cheat sheet to improve Response rates by over 200%

Email marketing continues to be one of the most popular and cost-effective means used by organizations, the world over to reach their potential prospects. With this post, we talk about a 7 point email marketing cheat sheet to quickly improve response rates by over 200%. The actual sending of email is one tiny step in a larger process. There are…

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5. Measure, Analyze, Track and take decisions

We are in the age of measurable marketing. You can use various mechanisms to propagate your content like email marketing, Online PR & Article submission, blog propagation, systematic back-link building strategy, PPC campaigns. For each, there will be various mechanisms available to analyze and track operations. It is important to Analyze performance of your marketing channels, so that you know…

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4. Publish content, be useful to your target audience

You have spent time & energy creating a content dashboard to support your demand generation plan and to create thought leadership through strategic marketing content. Now is the time to execute this strategy. You will be surprised to find out how you will be able to quickly use Content Marketing to generate Leads. Your content may be great, but people…

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