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Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

The purpose of this article is to help you make the right decision when choosing a digital marketing agency. So we will start with discussing digital marketing agency options available in Pune, various services offered by the agencies and points to consider while appointing one. Since you are reading this article, we assume that you already know the benefits of…

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Increase your ROI from event participation by over 300% !

Exhibitions, Conferences and events provide a great platform to showcase your products and services to newer audiences. They also give an opportunity to get introduced to new people and form new relationships. I am sure you must have formed a process to engage with ALL the visitors you meet at exhibitions and conferences, but are you able to reach out…

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Why are leads the most common metric for marketing

I have come across this discussion numerous times and every time I wonder why companies do not give importance to other elements of marketing and why leads, though it is a lagging measure features most in any marketing discussions. When was the last time you bought a car because the dealership sales person called you or because he sent you…

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How do you get Thought Leadership Content to drive more Leads & Sales?

I talk to a lot of potential customers,  entrepreneurs, owners and they ask me. How can they use Content Marketing Strategy to drive Lead Generation or how do they go about defining a Content Strategy to drive more sales ?. Let's cover some of these points through this post Having a sound Content Marketing Strategy helps you build significant Thought…

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