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Why do you need to control your sales urge in winning new business?

Buyers make purchase decision because they have a need that needs to be fulfilled and based on conversations with you (the salesperson) and the company (the brand that is the company that is omnipresent across its website, social infrastructure and conversation with some of the existing customer experiences). Maybe this will get a bit clearer with a few examples. Sales…

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How do you create the best marketing plan

Over the last couple of years, I have had several intense discussions with several budding entrepreneurs and CEOs of mid-size companies. They all seem to want the best marketing plan, but they are not sure, when and how to start implementing it. How do you create the best marketing plan? A marketing plan is prepared, based on the revenue objectives…

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4. Publish content, be useful to your target audience

You have spent time & energy creating a content dashboard to support your demand generation plan and to create thought leadership through strategic marketing content. Now is the time to execute this strategy. You will be surprised to find out how you will be able to quickly use Content Marketing to generate Leads. Your content may be great, but people…

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