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Having a performing website is essential for any business as it is the first step for a potential customer to interact with your organisation. Yet, it is not as easy as it sounds. A large number of businesses have to deal with websites that aren’t meeting their marketing performance expectations. They are not delivering leads and not engaging enough for potential customers. Run a website health check to give your website another chance. There are a number of issues that can affect website performance & these can create a bad impression among your potential customers.

What are the Issues?

Poor website performance is directly linked to the number of engaged visitors at the website which directly contributes to the number of leads you are able to generate from the website. Performance issues include:

  • Poor user experience resulting in less traffic and lower engagement
  • Site not mobile optimized, so not easy to access website across devices
  • Performance and ranking of targeted and relevant keywords for your business
  • Overall site loading time and speed resulting in higher wait times
  • Pages not SEO optimized and so not crawled by Google for better search results
  • Content not optimized for engagement, conversion

How We Help?

Identifying the root cause of the problem is the first step. At Xenia, we not only identify the problem but also provide comprehensive website performance improvement recommendations for your website.

Run a website health check with Xenia Consulting and we will tell you exactly what problems you are facing and how to solve these problems. Improve your website performance today!


Difficulty in getting leads from website?

Run a website health check and improve performance.

Website Audit Checklist for Performance Improvement


Page Speed

Website page load time should be less than 3 secs


Website Structure Audit

Systematic structured website makes navigation easy


On Page SEO Audit

Search engine optimised webpages with relevant tags


Off Page SEO Audit

Relevant backlinks to improve page & domain authority


Responsive Design

Mobile & other device friendly, also test for standard resolutions


Conversion Tools Integrated

Tools to measure & analysis website traffic & other performances


Content Audit

Engaging & informational content with relevant facts & figures



HTTPS, SSL Certificate – Safe & Secured Website


Social Media integration

Integrations to social media handles (FB, LinkedIn etc.)


Technical Audit

Keep website optimised for bots to rank effectively


Ranking keywords

CTRs for relevant keywords and ability to drive traffic


Lead Capture Methods

Relevant data capture mechanism on website

What do you need to do at your website, so that you can convert your website to a lead generation engine?

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It’s important to know where you can improve your website in order to increase the number of people who convert at the website. With our fresh perspective and detailed website audit checklist, we can help you improve your website and make it more effective.

A variety of site performance audit are available, each of which focuses on a different component of your site. A usability conversion site assessment examines the aspects of your website that are directly related to how a visitor interacts with your site and provides comments on how to further improve the site. An SEO site evaluation aims to improve your website’s organic search rankings by providing suggestions on SEO factors.

Depending on the scope of the evaluation and the number of pages to be analysed, a site performance audit might take anywhere from two to four weeks.

Yes, we have a website design and development team that can implement any improvements that we request.  We have a search marketing professional team and a team (including a content writers) that can assist you with implementing the Search Engine Optimization aspects.

You can sign up for our website health check audit and we will get back to you with some fresh ideas to improve website performance. or you can reach out to us at

There are a plenty of website audit tool in the market, which helps you know what you can improve in your website same as website audit company. The only difference the company makes is it customised a whole lot more for your website and we detail out every single or small improvement which could make sense. Moreover, audit tools are more error prone.

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