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step-by-step guide to create digital marketing budget

Step-By-Step Guide to Create a Digital Marketing Budget

Digital Marketing has proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. Email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO are all tried and true methods for achieving business success. Many business owners are also unsure about investing in digital marketing. Let's look at why a business should set aside money for digital marketing Costs. Why do I…

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What are the Benefits of Schema Markup in B2B ?

Today, the website of a company is the identity of its brand of any company. We are very much familiar with rapid result information feedback, and it also helps verify any company or business. So far, what does it mean? Well, if the website is not on the first page of the search engines (SERP), your customers will find out…

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Ensuring Business Continuity Amid the Covid-19 Outbreak

We are clearly in a period that most have never seen before. The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. This time of unprecedented uncertainty, all of us are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers, partners, and friends. On the other side, the pandemic…

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The Power of Call to Action

Websites have evolved dramatically over the past years, tailored to match the expectations of your target audience, optimized to create maximum impact. Now that you have made an impact with your content, it’s essential to drive the audience in the right direction. Almost like prompting them to make the next move. This can be your first attempt to create a…

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Our Top 19 Blog Posts in 2019

During 2019, we had over 70+ blog posts and in those, we have covered a lot of Digital Marketing aspects. Like SEO, Increase Conversion Rates, Website User Engagement, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Digital marketing analytics, Social Media Scheduling Tools The list is really long. Sharing the top 19 blog posts in 2019. Let’s get started. The 11 most important SEO…

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2020 Marketing Trends and Predictions

New Year is right around the corner... From a marketing standpoint, are you excited to know where we are heading into in 2020? Technology is evolving every day at a rapid pace. With the advancements in technology, customer expectations are also increasing. Marketing focuses on developing a healthy relationship with customers and satisfying their needs. As a marketer, it is…

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How can Startups create an effective digital marketing strategy?

Starting your own business is never an easy task and takes a lot of your efforts. While many start-up owners include marketing strategies in their business plan, many still believe in taking that step a little later. Although, pretty much every company develops its marketing strategies at some point in their tenure, earlier the better. Start-ups don’t succeed just based…

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How To Promote a Product Using Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing agencies all over the world have changed the way they work in the last few years. Their journey with their customers transgressed from “Why Marketing” to “Why not even that in marketing” over the course. But now all of us pretty much speak the same language and swear on the same prominent tools. The traditional marketing era of…

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How to use Geo-Targeting in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, it is extremely crucial to optimize your website for conversion. Your aim could vary from eCommerce to advertising to newsletter registrations to anything else. The optimization process involves leading the traffic to your site by creating data that gives insight and intelligence. This data ultimately helps in making decisions that bring you closer to your goals. While…

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Top 10 Organization Tips for Digital Marketers

If you are a digital marketers, you are bound to be extremely busy most days. There are so many tasks to take care of each day in varying areas including Digital Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Brand Management Search and Social Media Advertising etc. To keep a tab on all these and getting everything organized is no…

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