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Pay per click

Xenia offers support in managing your end to end Pay per click campaigns (PPC Marketing campaigns). We ensure enhanced presence as well as consistent lead gen through a focused strategy. We track regularly using advanced analytics so that you are able to achieve your marketing goals from PPC.

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Your potential customers are searching the internet before taking any decision in regards to the products or services they desire. We make sure those people find our clients products/services when they go online. Whether it’s Pay Per click (PPC Marketing) or Social Media, we measure each step with Analytics. We are Digital Marketing Professionals, passionate about our client’s success.

Here is what our pay per click services will help you do.

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Improved reach and visibility in front of target audience

Focus on conversions helps lead gen

Fast & measurable results

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I would highly recommend Xenia-Consulting. Across search and display, the team at Xenia Consulting has consistently delivered results for our adwords campaign. Great strategy, great execution.

Head of Sales for a leading accounting outsourcing company



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Pay per click marketing or pay per click advertising or popularly known as PPC is a form of advertising, which is done on Google platforms or on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter platforms to enhance your reach to the target market. Some people refer to only the Google advertising part as PPC, whereas some include the social media ads as PPC Ads. PPC Services or PPC marketing involves creating ads for specific keywords and generating leads from these ads by getting visitors to fill a form. On Google, there are two types of PPC Ads, Search ads & Display Ads. Search Ads are for specific search terms and it is based on the keywords that you want to target the ads for. The keywords could be broadly classified as Broad Match, Phrase match and exact match. As is obvious, you get maximum reach with broad match, but you can get a lot of unwanted traffic as well and lose money that way. Phrase match gets you filtered traffic to the ads and Exact match will get you a highly specialized audience for your ads.  Once the ads are displayed, if the user clicks, the money gets debited from your adwords account and usually the user is taken to a landing page, which has more details about the service. If the user feels comfortable with the content served to him on the landing page, he feels comfortable to fill in the form on the landing page and submits it. Once you have form submissions, typically in PPC terms, we say that we have a lead conversion from PPC Ads.

PPC Advertising or PPC Marketing needs to be managed well, so that it can deliver results for you. Right from targeting the right keywords to designing and formulating the right ad copy and getting landing page done and optimized for performance, all of this takes significant effort. Experienced PPC marketers know the tricks of the trade and can deliver you results much more faster than if you were trying to set up the campaign all by yourself. While the final outcome is the number of conversions, there are intermediate milestones that can be tracked as well, right from the number of impressions, that we are able to gather, number of clicks on the ad and so to the landing page and then finally the conversions. There are techniques and tools available to optimize the campaign at every step in the process. Experts at PPC Marketing will be able to quickly optimize the campaign for you and ensure that you are able to derive results from the investments that you are making on the PPC ads.

In the initial phase of the PPC advertising campaign, you should be a bit conservative about the amount to be spent. This is because the ads are not yet optimized and you might be getting a lot of unwanted traffic to the ads. Once you are able to optimize the campaign, then you can slowly ramp up the budgets and experiment on the go.  You can try spending on both Google search ads as well as Google Display ads. Usually the costs for Google display ads is lesser than search ads, but it is more difficult to control and focus its reach on the right audience (compared to search ads)

Pay per click advertising or Pay per click marketing tries and gets you on the first page of a Google search. Depending on the competition for the keywords and your bid value, you will be placed at a certain sequence by Google. An ad will be typically marked so by Google. So even if you are occupying the position on the 1st page of Google, if someone chooses to ignore the ads, then you are not able to reach that person. SEO is an organic mechanism when you try to achieve the same first position on Google through organic mechanism. SEO usually takes a lot of effort and might take months before you start getting to the first page on Google for some of your keywords. Pay per click advertising helps you achieve it faster, but it is completely based on payments that you are making to Google. You stop the payments, you lose the position.