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4 ways to quickly improve sales productivity

As we step into a new FY, most organizations would have made decisions related to their business goals and would have identified the key sales people that are going to help achieve this goal. While you may arguably have some of the best sales people in the business (that is what everyone likes to believe), it is important equip them…

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Build and Nurture Leads in your pipeline

Now that you have built a community following with the content that you have generated (& propagated), it's time to Nurture Leads in your pipeline. To consume your content, your prospects would have parted with their contact details that now form part of your DB at the website (through your lead capture mechanisms) Though they are keen to hear from…

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Some Simple Ideas to retain your Customers

Every company spends a lot of money to acquire new customers, so investing a bit more to keep them is well worth the price. It's widely acknowledged that the cost of acquiring a new customer can be upwards of five times greater than the cost of retaining an existing one. That means marketing tactics aimed at customer retention should be…

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Sales funnel problems ! Rejuvenate your business with focused lead nurturing programs

Marketers world-wide spend a lot of time thinking of innovative means to create/capture new leads for their business. In most cases, they are blind-folded by their sales targets and focus only on those leads that have the potential to offer immediate business opportunities and ignore the rest. As a result of this, businesses are under continuous pressure to create new business leads,…

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Get closer to your target market for maximizing revenue potential

Working with business owners to define and identify the target markets for their product/services has always been an enjoyable exercise. One of the most important things that it involves is to take the business owner or the CEO slightly away from the idea that he owns (about his product or service) and virtually make him wear the customer’s shoes, both…

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