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                                   How effective is your website – Get a FREE SEO Audit done ​

Your website is the first face to your potential customers. How easy is it for your customers to find your website?

Xenia-consulting offers a free Website SEO audit to show you how you can optimize your website for your users and rank higher on search engines.

As part of your Website SEO Audit , Xenia Consulting’s SEO Specialists will evaluate your  website and provide you ideas about how how to optimize the website for search engine compatibility.

                                                                                           We will review your

Website Performance

Your Website Backlinks 

Website Speed

​Organic Search Traffic

Free SEO Audit

If you want to have this free Website SEO Audit, please fill out the form to the right so that our SEO Specialists have all the information they need to review your website prior to your call.

Why choose Xenia Consulting ?

  • Once we partner with you we treat your Business of our own
  • Our team is learning and continuously improving to deliver the best Marketing expertise to you
  • Partnering relationship, ensures continuous engagement and feedback
  • Transparent operation focused on Numbers

About us

Xenia Consulting is a professional digital marketing agency in Pune that leverages inbound marketing to deliver business leads for you. We do this by generating meaningful and relevant content and then driving it effectively to influence your prospects, using a mix of social and digital channels

We don’t work with a lot of customers, but whoever we work with, we ensure that we can give them all our attention and drive success for them. We love our work (and often end up talking about it). We firmly believe in measurable marketing. We do not want you to believe our sweet talk, our numbers always do the talking.

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