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In today’s era, managing an effective online presence for your business is an absolute must, but most people face challenges doing this. A lot of companies face performance issues with the website or even have to deal with a website that does not meet their marketing performance parameters.  

The issues at the website can range from poor visitor/user experience, mobile optimization, performance and ranking of keywords, overall site speed, the current page authority, domain authority etc.  

The first step is to perform a detailed audit and understand what the problems are.  At Xenia Consulting, we offer detailed website performance improvement services, right from audit till final execution of the performance improvement measures.  

What can Xenia Consulting do for your website?

  • Improvements in Page Speed & Performance – we deliver best possible speed
  • Mobile Optimisation – majority of people use smart phones for browsing the web, so the website needs to be optimized for mobile experience
  • SEO & Keyword Analysis – choosing right keywords and its optimization can create big difference in results
  • Social Channels Integration – seamless connection with your social channels and integrating content streams on your website
  • Performing Blog Content – Blog Content adds great value to SEO as well as helps in building thought leadership in your area of expertise
  • Backlink Audit – we can analyze backlinks and remove broken or inactive links
  • Content Health Check & Engagement – checking your website content health and user engagement is vital so that plans can be created for improvement
  • Deep Dive into Analytics – Understand who is visiting the website, what pages are they visiting, where they are entering and where they are exiting. Also understand the current bounce ratio, page engagement and create plans to improving these metrics to improve on Google Search ratings
  • User Experience – we help you make the best first impression possible
  • Web Design Recommendations – We also suggest what is the best approach to manage website navigation, sitemap and flow across the website. We also recommend on best performing themes, plug-ins that you can use to improve the experience and the performance

Not happy with the performance of your website

What services we provide

Website Re-design

We can help you redesign your website and content

New Website Development

We develop websites that help engage and convert

eCommerce Website Development

Create a multi-vendor, interactive, robust, and
user-friendlye-commerce store for your business

What do you need to do at your website, so that you can convert your website to a lead generation engine?

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What We Deliver


Fast loading websites

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Responsive support team

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Backup Management

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Highly secured website

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Using the latest technology platform, themes

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Best possible mobile friendly website

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User-friendly and simple navigation

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This is an important part of website performance improvement

• Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)
• Leverage browser-side caching
• Minify CSS and JS
• Compress all images
• Use lazy loading for images
• Resize images – resizer
• Use lazy load for YouTube Videos
• Improve server response time

Any SEO issues such as site-map problems, low-speed, security issues and so on will be flagged during an audit. Additionally, Google loves healthy and vigorous websites, which are well updated. Factually, site performance is a prime aspect of rankings. Thus, when an SEO audit is performed time-to-time, improvement takes place on your website if required changes are made. And subsequently, the ranking may be improved. Some of the problems after the audit can be fixed instantly, although some may take more time. Don’t lose hope if changes are made post-audit and still there are no improvements in the ranking, it takes Google weeks for recognizing changes in some situations. Yet, keep performing an SEO audit regularly because external changes can affect website performance improvement. Therefore, it requires regular maintenance.

If you are having a new website then it’s recommended to do proper keyword
research for your content. Once you have finalized a keyword then it’s time to create the Title and URL which must contain the keyword in it. Write the content better and longer than the rank 1 website on google search rankings for that exact keyword.
Once you are done with the content and published your article then it’s time for social sharing. Create your account on various social platforms and start sharing your content.

If you are paying someone to modify or update your website, they should review each element of a website that sells and inform you how the site compares to that standard. Other than that, an audit is usually just an attempt to tell you what is ‘wrong’ (subjective) with your website so the person or organization doing the audit can fix it.
The problem is simply this: an audit always finds something to fix.
I’ve had websites for 18 years. Several for different niches I served. And every time I updated the different sites, the response was the same: ”whoever did your website before was completely clueless but we can fix it…”

Happened every single time!

Why? Because it is a completely subjective evaluation. What one designer likes, another doesn’t. Throw in changes in technology, design, and coding, and there is no right or wrong- unless they use standards.
If someone offers an audit, they should have a list of standards they will be judging against. And they should share this in advance. There are many objective measures that can drastically affect how well a website performs. Audit is usually the 1st step in website performance improvement.
A simple example is loading speed. If a prospect /visitor has to wait, they may leave. So an objective measure may include the speed the site currently loads. Another measure might be the loading sequence- is it optimized for speed. Mobile compatibility is another. These are objective measures. You probably wouldn’t let the car dealer do an ‘audit’ of your car, right? You know they would find something to fix no matter how well you maintain the vehicle. It’s
just a way to get business. Same for your website.

We can help you redesign
your website and content

We develop websites that
help engage and convert

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