Build and Nurture Leads in your pipeline

Now that you have built a community following with the content that you have generated (& propagated), it’s time to Nurture Leads in your pipeline. To consume your content, your prospects would have parted with their contact details that now form part of your DB at the website (through your lead capture mechanisms)

Though they are keen to hear from you, they are not yet ready to do business with you. You need to build more trust and credibility before they are ready to do business with you. In short you need to Nurture Leads in your pipeline.

It is necessary to have a proper lead nurture program in place, so that you are touching base with these prospects on a regular basis.

  1. Cross-promote content – Now that they have consumed one form of content, they might be receptive to receive other similar content from you. It might make sense to make this available to them periodically. More in our free ebook The art of re-purposing and cross-promotions
  2. Campaigns and offers – It is nice to test readiness, once in a while. If you launch any special promotions, offers, it is good to inform your prospects. If they are ready to engage, they will take the offer and connect with you
  3. Newsletter campaigns – Offer them content in line with their requirements. A monthly newsletter is a good way to stay in touch and ‘on-mind’
  4. Track conversions closely – Track behaviour of these prospects to the different initiatives that you plan. If there are consistent positives, then it is time to move the prospect from the lead nurture pipeline to the active chase pipeline. More info on Analyzing and tracking campaigns efficiently in our free eBook

A Summary of this series of blogs

  1. So Marketing has changed! Time to stop complaining & leverage the change – 5 easy steps – This is where we summarize what has changed in marketing and how you can systematically plan to leverage the change.
  2. Invest in content marketing to build thought leadership and a strong following – Content marketing is like any other project. Plan it well and create fantastic content that can then be leveraged in different campaigns that you plan to run
  3. Expand your social networks, Listen, contribute, participate – Social networks offer you a great potential to manage viral marketing. It also offers you the capability of reaching a larger (& right) target audience very efficiently.
  4. Publish content, be useful to your target audience – Having created content, make sure that you propagate it well across your various channels. Re-purpose content, cross-promote and analyze your efforts regularly
  5. Measure, Analyze, Track and take decisions – No matter which channel you use to propagate your content, measure, analyze and track to take meaningful decisions. If thing are not working, change them in real time
  6. Build and nurture leads – Nurture relationships with potential prospects till they are ready to do business with you.

As you would have seen, it is very important to Nurture Leads in your pipeline. Without nurturing them, you will soon realize that they will not start moving to the bottom of the funnel and eventually convert into business for your company.


  1. Stanley Rao

    good one and i agree that No matter which channel you use to propagate your content, measure, analyze and track to take meaningful decisions. If thing are not working, change them in real time


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